What is the Keto Diet and Does it Work?

The ketogenic diet is a low carbs, high fat diet that offers big health promises. According to a recent survey by a profound dietician; low carb and high fat keto diet is the single most prefered diet for weight loss by many. Keto diet is fueled by a lot of fat in daily food intake which can be as high as 90%.

Promoters of keto diet show off their physical transformation on various social media platforms with the help of before and after pictures. Dedicated keto lovers strive for ketosis. In ketosis, the body uses fat metabolism to churn out energy for daily requirements. Burning fat seems to be the perfect solution for weight loss enthusiasts. In ketosis, the body basically uses burned fat as the primary source of energy in place of glucose.

Many studies show a ketogenic diet may have benefits for people suffering from diabetes, cancer and obesity. Within a couple of months, people claimed to lose a lot of weight by turning to the keto diet. A keto diet has some dramatic benefits which can be seen by adopting this diet continuously. The diet can be very effective as it can be a weight killer and help manage diabetes and many other problems related to obesity simultaneously.

What is keto diet?

Keto diet revolves around eating mostly fatty items. There is no place for carbohydrates in a ketogenic meal. Even protein is accepted only in limited amounts. This means eating a lot  of cheese, fish, nuts and fatty oils such as butter, olive oil etc. But this diet poses a challenge to the dietary recommendation or guidelines formulated by the authorities.

The main objective of keto canada store food is to send the body in the state of ketosis through burning body fat. With low levels of carbohydrates in the food, our liver turns stored body fat into ketones. Ketones are basically small molecules which move through blood as well as provide energy to our body cells.

For ketosis, an average adult must use less than 50 grams of carbs in a day. Keeping a low amount of carbs in your diet is very difficult. This is because a single slice of bread can even  add up to 21 grams of carbohydrate. Similarly, a single banana or a medium apple can add around 25 grams of carbs to your diet.

Lot of people found this ketogenic diet very restrictive. There is no space for flexibility, full fat, little protein and almost no carbs. This diet is not only about reducing sugary food from your diet but starchy veggies like potatoes as well. The dieters have to be always on their toes to find the hidden carbs in their keto friendly diets, if any.

Can a keto diet manage to cut weight?

Yes, the keto diet is very effective for losing weight very quickly. As soon as you start the ketogenic diet, within a few months you start losing weight by kilos. This diet works faster than rich carbohydrates and zero fat diets. But after one year the effect of keto diet and the regular carb rich diet seems to even out. Thus, it can be said that in the long run to cut weight and enjoy a healthy lifestyle,  zero fat and carb rich diet still seems the better option.

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Time frame for keto diet to work.

Keto diet appears to deliver results real fast. Once you are on ketosis, you feel less hungry. That’s why this diet is so popular among the younger generation. The ketogenic diet does appear to help burn calories but the research is not thorough enough. So the result may or may not be as drastic as advertised. A lot depends on the body type of the person to person and daily habits of individuals. For example, a keto diet will have significantly different effects on a runner as compared to a person who is a couch potato.

Any long term benefits?

There are so many benefits to adopting a keto food online diet. These benefits include the treatment of children with epilepsy or in few cases treatment of cancer too. But other than that, if you ask someone who is on a keto diet for a really long time, it can be very difficult to state any long term benefits.


Yes, a low carbs diet does appear to help diabetic patients to regulate the blood sugar level. Carbohydrates are the main driving force behind blood sugar. So keto diet can cut the glucose level in the blood and helps control diabetes.

Fatty meal’s effect on the body.

High fatty diet can increase the level of cholesterol and that can increase the risk of many heart problems. But it is still debatable that increase in LDL particles is because of keto diet only.

There are some stomach related issues that occur because of keto diet. Getting ninety percent calories from fat can be a shocker to your body. One must consult the dietician or a doctor before switching to the keto diet.

Eat a healthy diet.

In the end, one can agree on a single thing that is  a balanced diet is truly beneficial for staying healthy. There is no fast way to cut weight without the consequences. Any considerable change starts with the right attitude. If you are right about your goal in your life, you can achieve it with the help of proper physical activity and the help of your family or friends.

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